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DrilChem Global

DRILCHEM Global is a privately owned and highly successful manufacturer and supplier of speciality drilling fluid additives to the global marketplace. We develop products which are specifically designed to improve the efficiency of the drilling process thereby saving our customers considerable time and cost and allowing for optimum well productivity and payload extraction.



  • • Prevent severe to total drilling fluid losses to the wellbore
  • • Resolve related wellbore instability
  • • Prevent differential sticking
  • • Reduce excessive torque and drag
  • • Improve hole cleaning

In addition to our range of down hole products Drilchem Global provides a range of services both on and off site including:

  • • Designing technical proposals and solutions on a well-by-well basis
  • • Providing application engineering services and advice on site
  • • Supervision and management support for application and implementation
  • • Furnishing logistics, planning and technical support for individual.
No problem is too difficult for our team. In addition to our standard product range we will custom design and manufacture products for individual applications and because we own our own manufacturing facility we can respond to our customers needs rapidly and efficiently which helps to minimise costly delays and leads to improved drilling results.


Our research facility is staffed by highly skilled technicians and we are constantly investing in research and development to ensure we maintain our position as a world leader in innovative additives and solutions for the most challenging situations.



From the owners of the company to the factory floor we have established a team of highly motivated people and every one of them is dedicated to producing the highest quality products and solutions for our customers.

Research into the various wellbore integrity problems led to us being the first company to use natural fiber as part of a solution and resulting in the development of one of the most successful DFA to date, FRACSEAL®.

In addition to our dedicated sales staff we have a network of business development managers, distributors and agents strategically located around the globe who are ready to respond to our customer’s needs. They are supported by a staff of technical sales engineers who can assist to provide specific solutions and on site supervision and training in the correct application of our range of products.
The Drilchem sales and management team bring tremendous oilfield and technology expertise to our company and their considerable experience and success in the most difficult situations means we are able to provide reliable and expert solutions to our customers around the globe. We have a fundamental belief in our technology and a passion for solving problems and improving performance.

The original FRACSEAL® is the registered Trademark of Drilchem and was patented by the company in 1999.

Our current product range includes FRACSEAL as well as a range of new products. Ask one of our representatives for a product brochure.

Case Histories

DRILCHEM is an innovation leader that has pioneered breakthrough products producing significant results in the industry. We have a library of case histories available which evidence our capacity to deliver successful payload extraction and valuable cost savings for our customers. These case histories are available on request.


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